Receiving life

What is in the way of receiving life coming through


Plants and animals grow and live according to Natural Law. Animals live from their instinctual brain and do get hurt, but they do not rationalize about it as we do We have a cortex and act, so we think, from rational choices. But if we look around us in the world of today we see wars and much pain inflicted upon human beings. Much more than we want to know, we are driven by our instincts, triggered by fear and anger.

How come? What is happening that we are not able to receive and let the flow of the universe come through, just as what happens to a plant?


We as human beings have a mind, a cortex, by which we are able to become conscious of what is happening to us. However, we are also hardwired to experience fear and anger and through this we are from a very early stage on conditioned into the fight or flight reflex. We have developed, without realizing, schemata, strongly influenced by the instinctual brain, from where we live a programmed life. These schemata not only cause us to manipulate a lot of our experiences, through the hardwiring of the fight/flight reflex, we are not able to rest in ourselves and as such not able to receive the life energy.
So, if we are not conscious of this reflex, we tense up and the body, -in trying to protect us from more pain-, shuts down. By not staying with the awareness of an experience, the pain remains and attracts through labeling other hurts which cause more fear or anger. This process develops pain-bodies; conglomerates of painful emotions causing energetic blockages. These blockages not only act like magnets, in the end, if not processed, they get frozen. However, if we are able to fully live in the body, staying with the pain, the hurt can melt through our attention, and pass by. If not, we grow more pain bodies attracting more hurt.

So, we need to observe and witness what life does to us, and see how we are ‘programmed’. Then we can unlearn to re-act from a reflex and stay with the experience. We can learn to see what happens to us when we whole-heartily feel into the experience, follow it fully through, and as such altering the fight/flight reflex. 

For this we truly need to know how the mind works, find out a map for ourselves, and experience who we are WITHOUT our habits of acts and thoughts. And since everything is in the body, the body is the exquisite instrument to become conscious of who we really are. The  `felt sense’ of our bodily sensations is the primary awareness for life coming through and is the knee of listening to what is present. Pain is a cry of the soul asking for expression.

So, it is very important to get to know in which way we are hard-wired and how we can free ourselves from the blockages in the physical, the emotional and the mental. On all three levels we can observe, witness, and experience what life does to us.

STARTING WITH THE MIND , we can observe the numerous commandments, the judgements and critics: they all block our potential for receiving. We CAN LEARN NOT TO GO WITH THEM and develop compassion for ourselves. We can delete the criticaster and follow our hearts longings.


We can observe and witness how our EMOTIONAL PROGRAMS drive us to re-act in a certain way, making us tense. They pull us out of alignment, blocking the way to receiving. We carry within us many pain bodies due to abandonment or rejections and they prevent us from staying with the experience. If we are not aware of them and work them out, they run the show of our lives.


The PHYSICAL RESISTANCE to opening up is due to the fact that we are not conscious of the interrelation between our thoughts, our emotions and the body. And, we have no idea, and are not aware of our sensitivity; the skin receives an unknown amount of signals from the outside world transmitting them directly to the brain.

If we got hurt in the past, the body remembers, causing  conditioning of instinctive and emotional connections in the lower brain through the Amygdalae in the hypothalamus. As soon as we grow up, we start to use our brains to change, or manipulate ourselves you might say, to not having to feel or experience what is happening to us.


However we can un-learn all that is in the way to receive by learning to rest in self and surrender to our inner guidance, trusting that everything we need we can find within; all the knowledge is already there!!! THE BODY KNOWS EVERYTHING! We can find our source of infinite intelligence if we learn to stay with the sensate experience of what is happening and let the flow of life do what it does. And we can learn how to use our own healing powers. We can use our hands-on healing energy, and we can learn how to heal with the power of our mind.


As human beings we do have the potential of creating our future, but only !!! when we become aware of the disadvantage you might say of having a cortex. A plant is what it is. It is not conditioned to grow in a certain way. We, as human beings, need to grow conscious about what is in the way of receiving ourselves fully as we really are. We are not our thoughts or our emotions.


If we relax and open ourselves consciously to receive the life energy, then a process starts wherein our thoughts, emotions, sensations get triggered, because the life energy want to get through. The contents in the cells however tend to resist and want to hold on as strongly as possible. So we need to consciously facilitate the letting go of everything whats in the way of the flow of the life energy.