Learning to deepen your level of experience, recognizing and liberating unconscious emotions.

Emotions are nothing more, and nothing less than energy. Energies (emotions) can be frozen and ‘locked in’ the body on a deep level by painful experiences. Anchored in strong convictions they say ‘no’ to life. Blind spots arise: unconscious fixations create symptoms and cause an individual to react in a mechanical way on issues which trigger.

If you stay in your own energy and have contact which your feelings then you know what the experience means to you. This ‘felt sense’ of bodily sensation informs you directly. Frozen pain spots lame this source of knowledge and reality becomes clouded through distorting veils of convictions coupled with painful experiences.

Making contact with blind spots and becoming aware which ‘programs of behaviour and emotion’ are triggered ask dedication and a heart full of compassion for who you truly are. But, if painful issues are addressed at the right level, then healing can start. And, the knowledge that your body is the exquisite instrument to become aware of what ‘drives’ you to certain behaviour, makes the path toward liberation very tangible.


The experiential grouptherapy is meant for people who consciously want to work with emotional or physical experiences, or for those who feel ‘hooked’ by seemingly unsolvable problems.

The language spoken will be Dutch, so for further information see the Dutch site under: Voordrachten