CV & publications

Curriculum Vitae

Sociologie, Bachelors, 1973, University of Tilburg
Psychologie, Masters, 1978, Free University of Amsterdam
Social Science, Doctor, 1986, Free University of Amsterdam (in the medical & psychological  faculty)

Registration clinical psychologist of the Nederlands Institute for Psychologists (N.I.P.), 1984 , Amsterdam.
Registration GZ Psychologist in the Dutch BIG Register under nr. 29909384325
Registration in the Psychologist register in Belgium as clinical psychologist under nr. 482106182.
Post master curriculum Psycho-oncology: RINO, Utrecht, 2007
Experts registration Psycho-oncology: NVPO,  Amsterdam, 2007  

Gestalt- & Hypnotherapie: 5 years of intensive individual master therapy and group proces work with Drs. Frank Smulder, clinical psychologist//Gestalttherapist and founder of the Hypnotherapy in the Netherlands.-1978
Autogenic training, Breath and Bio-feedback therapy, Behavioural therapy: 3 years-1978
Netherlands Institute of Psychologists: 4 y. therapy supervised by Prof. Dr. R.H.C. Janssen, specialist in the field of trauma processing and meditation (Buddhism), for the registration clinical psychologist N.I.P, 1984
Team Management and Development, (T.M.I.): 2 years -1992
Neo-Reicherian therapy and Bio-energetics (body work): 3 years, 1995
Shelby Hammit: healing arts: 1997 - 1998 
Barbara Brennan School of Professional Healing (B.B.S.H.): 4 years curriculum for psycho-energetic therapist in the U.S.A., BA certificate,  june 1999
Trauma and Shock therapy: ‘somatic experiencing’ in the American school of Peter Levine, 3 years, 2004
Post master degree Psycho-oncology: Rino, Utrecht, 2007.
Contemplative End-of-Life Care, Christine Longaker, 2010.

Workshops led by top teachers like Michael Tophoff, Rashma, John Pierrakos, Siegmar Gerken, Barbara Brennan, Brandon Bays, Sandra Maitri, Larry Heller, Almaas, Shelby Hammit, Karin Aarons, Christine Longaker, Adyashanti over de last 30 years in: Psycho-synthesis, Psycho-motor, Postural Integration,  Bio-energetic analysis, Neo-Reicherian, Rogerian therapie, Client centered therapy, Experiental therapy, Holotropy, Breath-work, Trauma work, Regression, Meditation, Sound and Energy work, Enneagram.

The Diamond Approach of the Ridhwan School of Almaas:  Sandra Maitri 2001 - 2012.

Meditation Practice: over 30 years unfolded into "True meditation" of Adyashanti.