About Clara

The body is the exquisite instrument in becoming consciously aware of ‘who you are’.


Dr. Clara Vlaander is psychologist and psychotherapist. She did her Ph.D. in the Psychological and Medical Faculty at the Free University in 1986 in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

For years she worked at the University known and famous for her work on hyperventilation, depression, fear/anxiety. She also developed therapy for patients with trauma, cancer and other somatic anchored problems.

She worked in different fields of Health Care since 1977 as psychotherapist, supervisor and teacher. She has written several books and many articles, and she worked for radio and television. She wrote many stories in particular about traumatic experiences.


Dr. Clara Vlaander is trained in many different kinds of psychotherapeutic approaches and esoteric traditions. See under heading: CV/Publications

She trained for 4 years at the Barbara Brennan School in the United States as psycho-energetic therapist. Trauma and shock therapy she followed in the American school of P. Levine. She developed a special therapy for cancerpatients as a result of a lot of research and experience, ánd through the curriculum of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Psychosociale Oncology on Psychosocial Oncology.


Clara Vlaander is a specialist in psycho-energetic Client centered therapy with 'somatic experiencing' as the point of reference. She is an expert in the field of life treathening diseases like cancer and processing of traumatic experiences. In therapy in-depth proceswork and growth of consciousness are central working within a spiritual frame work.